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Air New Zealand Limited is the flag carrier airline of New Zealand. Based in Auckland, the airline operates scheduled passenger flights to 20 domestic and 32 international destinations in 20 countries. Air New Zealand's route network focuses on Australasia and the South Pacific with long-haul flight services to eastern Asia, the Americas, and the United Kingdom. Their global network of passenger and cargo services is centered around New Zealand. The Airline flew more than 17 million passengers every year, with 3,400 flights per week. Air New Zealand offers audio-video-on-demand in all classes on international services on its aircraft. The AVOD system, branded Kia Ora, features multiple channels of video, audio, music, and games. Passengers can start and stop programs, plus rewind and fast-forward as desired. It is a gate-to-gate in-flight entertainment experience. Air New Zealand operates a total of 114 aircraft.

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Ques:- How do I find the lowest Air New Zealand Fare?
Ans:- The best way is to come to our website First Fly Travel. What we do is we provide lucrative flight deals and the best possible cheapest fare available to our clients. Our website houses several national and international tie-ups, allowing us to offer you the best Cheap Air New Zealand Flight tickets. Otherwise, avail free subscription to Air New Zealand which from time to time notifies you of any ticket price change or any upcoming offer, or subscribe to the loyalty program of the airlines.
Ques:- What are the benefits of the Air New Zealand program?
Ans:- Its Airpoints loyalty program allows customers to earn Airpoints dollars on every transaction done with Air New Zealand and its partner airlines. Higher tier members are allowed free-of-cost priority check-in and lounge services. Every point earned can be used to book or upgrade Air New Zealand flight tickets.
Ques:- I want to take my pet with me on my flight. What does that entail?
Ans:- Air New Zealand allows domestic cats, dogs, and small birds to be on all domestic flights as checked baggage. Each passenger is allowed a pet crate up to the size of 14 kg and can carry 2 pets if the pets are used to sharing the same space. For international Air New Zealand flight pet policy, contact Air New Zealand’s approved local transporters.
Ques:- Can I get a refund for the reservation that I just made?
Ans:- Air New Zealand ticket bookings charge a fee between 100 USD to 400 USD to cancel or change your Air New Zealand flights. A complete refund is given if you cancel the ticket at least 7 days before the departure date.
Ques:- Who do I contact if I have a claim for travel insurance?
Air New Zealand passengers can purchase either airline travel insurance or independent travel insurance. Both have varied rules and coverage policies. For the Air New Zealand airline travel insurance, you can contact their customer care number at 0800 500 248 or email