About Wizz Airlines

Wizz Airlines, renowned for its ultra-low-cost fare, was established in Budapest Hungary. Currently serving 44 countries, this airway motto is to serve each and everyone a chance to fly and make flying affordable and caring services to the people of the globe. Incorporated in 2003, Wizz Airlines took their first flight in 2004 for London and they have never looked back from there.

Their business vision is centered around environmental sustainability and at the same time offering low-cost flying services that cater to affordable flying opportunities. They have one of the few workforces that have a higher activity level of commitment and have a pilot training academy that trains pilots.

Frequent Asked Questions

How do I find the lowest Wizz Airlines Flights?

The best way is to come to our website First Fly Travel. We provide lucrative flight deals and the best possible cheapest fare available to our clients. Our website houses several national and international tie-ups, allowing us to offer you cheap Wizz Airline flight tickets. Otherwise, avail free subscription to Wizz Airlines, which from time to time notifies you of any ticket price change or any upcoming offer, or subscribe to the loyalty program of the airlines.

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Whom do I contact if I have a claim for travel insurance?

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