Cheap Flights from Chicago to Bangalore

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Chicago is located by the Lake Michigan in the state of Illinois. It is the largest city in the USA. Chicago is very widely known for its arts and culture. The beautiful architecture of the city is really eye catching for each and every visitor. Due to the involvement of the city in art and culture, you may find here related institutions such as film festivals and dance schools. Bangalore is a similar kind of city in India. People do visit Bangalore to explore its diversity in people and culture. At FirstFly, we will make sure that your journey from Chicago to Bangalore is affordable and memorable.

O'Hare International Airport

Chicago International Airport is also known as OHare international (ORD). OHare is also 4th busiest airport in the world. The airport is 17 miles away from the city centre. There a total of four operational terminals of the airport, out of which terminal T5 is the international terminal. The airport is largest hub for American Airlines and United Airlines. All the terminals are well connected by roads, and passengers may travel using buses and taxis. Other facilities such as meals, refreshments and lounges are provided to the passengers. Parking facilities is also available for the passengers.

What are the cheapest ways to book Chicago to Bangalore flight tickets?

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How far is it from Chicago to Bangalore?

Bangalore is 8527 miles away from Chicago.

How long does it take to reach Bangalore from Chicago?

It takes 19 hours and 25 minutes duration with one plus stops to reach Bangalore from Chicago.

What is the time difference between Chicago to Bangalore?

Bangalore is 10 hours 30 minutes ahead of Chicago.

What is the cheapest day to fly?

Monday is the cheapest day to fly from Chicago to Bangalore.