Cheap Flights from Chicago to Chennai

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Chicago is one of the largest city in the USA, which is known for its cultural diversity and ambience. It is located by the Lake Michigan in the state of Illinois. The city is not only known for its splendid architecture, but also for its culture and traditions. People in Chicago have a genuine love for arts and fact that Chicago has various various dance schools and live music venues shows that the city stays a special place for arts. Similarly is also one such place. People of Chennai explore various culture and arts. We will make sure to make a pocket friendly deal for you, when you book your flights with us.

O'Hare International Airport:

Chicago International Airport is also known as O'Hare international (ORD). O'Hare is also 4th busiest airport in the world, and located 17 miles away from the city centre. The airport is largest hub for United Airlines and American airlines. The airport has four operational terminals out of which T5 is international terminal. All the terminals are connected to each other by Airport Transit System. You may also find buses and taxis to connect between the terminals. All the modern facilities and luxuries and facilities are available at the airport. You may find lounges, meals, refreshments and internet access at the airport.

Ways to book cheap flights from Chicago to Chennai??

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How far is it from Chicago to Chennai?

Approximate distance between Chicago and Chennai is 8557 miles.

How long does it take to reach Chennai from Chicago?

It takes 19 hours and 0 minutes with one plus stops to reach Chennai from Chicago.

What is the time difference between Chicago and Chennai?

Chennai is 10 hours 30 minutes ahead of Chicago.

Which is the cheapest day to fly?

Saturday is the cheapest day to fly from Chicago to Chennai.