Book Cheap Flights From Honolulu to Kahului

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Kahului has the largest airport and harbor and it is Maui’s commercial hub. Although, it offers a plethora of natural and cultural attractions. The city was established in the early 1950s. The destination is an incredible getaway, you can enjoy startling views, mouth-watering distinctive cuisines, luxurious hotel stay, and whatnot. Everything about the city is worth praising. Regardless of your taste and preferences, Kahului is a sort of destination where you can discover new things. Visit Kahului to explore the never-seen type of natural beauty. The destination is a perfect fit for family vacations, friend’s getaways, and solo trips as well.



FAQs For Honolulu to Kahului

Ques. How many flights operate from Honolulu to Kahului daily?

Ans. On a daily basis, around 229 flights depart from HNL to OGG.

Ques. When is the cheapest time to visit Kahului?

Ans. September to November is the cheapest time to visit Kahului.

Ques. What is the average flight time between Honolulu to Kahului?

Ans. The average flight time between Honolulu and Kahului is 22 minutes.

Ques. What is the flight distance from Honolulu to Kahului?

Ans. The flight distance from Honolulu to Kahului is 100 miles.

Ques. What are the COVID-19 travel guidelines for flying from Honolulu to Kahului?

Ans. There are no particular restrictions at both of these airports currently but the in flight basic safety measures are applicable for general hygiene.

Ques. What is the average fare for a return flight for Honolulu to Kahului?

Ans. The average fare for a return flight ticket for this route starts from $323 only.

Ques. What time the earliest flight departs for this route?

Ans. The First flight that flies to this route where the flight departs from Honoluluis at 05:40 am that reaches Kahului at 06:25 am.

Ques. Which Airlines fly direct from Honolulu to Kahului?

Ans. American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines offer a direct non-stop flight for this route.

Ques. What is the price range of a Honolulu to Kahului flight?

Ans. The lowest price for a Honolulu to Kahului flight is $294 and can range upto $367 depending on the time and season you are booking it for.

Ques. Do I need to pay a cancellation fee If I cancel my flight from Honolulu to Kahului?

Ans. The Cancellation fee is fully dependent on the airline policies and the type of the ticket you have booked. Some of them are fully refundable but most of them are partially refundable.