Cheap Flights to Ahmedabad from the USA

Ahmedabad is one of the largest cities in India, situated in the banks of Sabarmati River. The place is popularly known for its cotton textiles and diamond cutting. The city was recently rated as one of the safest cities in India. Ahmedabad is majorly known for its tourist attractions, and people from different parts of the world visit this place for fun and entertainment. It is a land of exuberance in terms of beauty, color and love. The place is an amazing destination for foodies. Gujarati food items such as Thepla, Dabeli, Dalvada, Farsan, Sev, Khakra and Fafda are some of the popular food items in Ahmedabad. The visitors also do have a craving for Kadhi, Dal and rice, Dhokla, Khaman, Bhakri and Puran Puri. is also famous for quality sweets and traditional mithai such as mung dal halwa made of pure ghee are very popular. The city is a shopper's paradise and thread work''Zari' is one of its specialties. Bandhani and Bandhej along with embroidery of Kutch is another specialty of Gujarat, and you may find these in abundance at Ahmedabad. The city has a historical significance and it offers many beautiful venues to all its visitors. Some of them are Adalaj Trimandir, Dandi Kutir, Akshardham temple, Thol Lake bird sanctuary and Indroda national park. Therefore, the city has so much to offer that you really cannot afford to miss this place, if you plan to visit India.

Top Attractions in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a perfect amalgamation of ancient and the modern. You find here almost everything, right from historic architecture to the modern infrastructure. Some of the major attractions of Ahmedabad are as under:

Swaminarayan Temple, Ahmedabad: It is a religious temple built on the instructions of Swaminarayan Ji, who founded this sect of Hinduism. The entire temple is full of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in yellow and green color, sculptures of whom are fitted on the temple walls.

Sabarmati Ashram : Sabarmati Ashram is located at a suburb area of the city, and is a very popular destination among all the tourists. It was the residence of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba Gandhi. The place is quite popular in history as Gandhiji began his dandi march from here.

Kankaria Lake: Kankaria Lake is one of the popular destinations in Ahmedabad. The place is popular for its entertainment facilities for children. Some of the major attractions include Water Park, balloon ride and food stalls.

Hathisingh Jain Temple : The temple is basically a two storied structure, dedicated to 15th Tirthankara of Jains, Dharmanath. The temple is basically famous for its unique structure and tiled courtyard.

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque : This Mosque was built by Sidi Saeed and is a very popular mosque of Ahmedabad. The mosque represents a unique structure and is one of the reminiscent of the 16th century.

Jhulta Minar : Jhhulta Minar is an example of architectural wonder. There is a mystery which is attached to this historical monument. If one of the minarets is shaken then the other one is automatically shakes. Many architects try to understand the logic behind this, but nobody is able to make out the science.


Climate in Ahmedabad

Climatic conditions are excellent in Ahmedabad. You notice three seasons altogether, which are summer, monsoon and winter. The winters are mild, pleasant and dry. Generally, the days are sunny and nights are clear. Summer season begins in March and ends in June. You do experience a moderate amount of rainfall over here.

Things to do in Ahmedabad

Being a historic as well as modern city, there are many activities to do in Ahmedabad. The city has a lot of attractions to explore and places to visit. Below are some activities that you can indulge in while in the city:

Best Time to Visit

Winters are the best time to visit to visit Ahmedabad. The months from November to February are mild and pleasant and are the best time to enjoy the amazing destination of the city. A mild and pleasant weather prevails during this time of the year. Temperature starts to rise from the months of March.

Which Airlines fly from USA to Ahmedabad?

There are many national and international airlines that fly from the USA to Ahmedabad. The distance from the USA to Ahmedabad is large and it cannot be covered without nonstop flights. However, a few airlines do provide nonstop flights from the USA to Ahmedabad. A few reliable airlines fly to and from the USA to Ahmedabad are as under:

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