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Chennai is one of the most popular tourist destinations located towards the southern part of India. The city showcases a beautiful mix of rich traditions and beautiful festivals. In addition Chennai is also famous for its modern ambience and historical architecture. Chennai is the capital city of the state Tamil Nadu. Chennai is one of the largest cities of India and is considered as a metropolitan city of India. We find people with different culture, religion and history, residing in Chennai. Chennai doesn't have a world famous historical monument or a popular tourist attraction, like any other cities. However, the city requires some time and effort for being well versed with the situation and enjoys the real essence of the place. You need to enjoy the city below its surface and get into its distinctive culture.

Top Attractions in Chennai

Top Attractions in Chennai include historic architecture and places with a spiritual significance. You may find everything which a metropolitan city can offer. Here are some major attractions which are must-visit:

Mylapore : Mylapore is known as the sole of the city Chennai. The place is inhabited mostly by Brahmins and is one of the oldest residential parts of the city. Kapaleeshwarar Temple is one of the historic and oldest temples of the city and is one of the popular destinations of Mylapore. Other top attractions include the neo-Gothic style San Thome Cathedral, originally built by the Portuguese, and the serene Ramakrishna Mutt Temple.

Fort Saint George : Fort Saint George was constructed by the British East India Company. It is a monument of Britain's first lasting footprints on India. The functioning of Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly and Secretariat are held here.

George Town Markets and Bazaars: If you want to enjoy the local street stalls and markets. The place is noisy and chaotic. The place is also a photographer's delight and worth visiting once, due to its amazing market place.

Marina Beach Visit Marina Beach at the time of sunset and experience the real pleasure of a beach experience. You may find a local entertainment here with a lot of snack stalls and amusement rides for the children. It is the longest Urban beach in India which starts at Fort Saint George and runs south for 13 kilometers. It is a popular hangout place for locals and has many statues and monuments.

Triplicane : Triplicane is an ideal place to discover the city's multi-cultural heritage. It lies near the Marina beach. Nowadays this place is a home to Hindu and Jain temples, Mosques, traditional music venues and small local cafes.

Guindy National Park : Guindy National Park is a fully fledged national park within the city limits of Chennai. It is the eight smallest national park of our country. Being one of the most popular destinations of Chennai, the place is known for its natural aroma and ambience. The total area covered by the park is 2.70 sq km. the park is very famous for its birds has more than 130 species of birds and 14 species of mammals.

Climate in Chennai

The city of Chennai lies on the thermal equator and hence a tropical wet and dry climate prevails here. The city prevents extreme variation in seasonal temperature, just because of its location of the coast. May and June are the hottest month of the year. The month of January is the coolest. Maximum temperatures recorded are between 35 to 40 degree centigrade and minimum temperatures are around 19 to 25 degree centigrade. Most of the rainfall, the city gets is from the north east monsoon winds.

Things to do in Chennai
Best Time to Visit

Chennai has a tropical type of climate and hence the best time to visit Chennai is the pre monsoon and the winter season. The time between October and February is the best time to visit. Summers are very hot and not good to visit. The rainy season as well is also not good as the monsoon brings torrential downpours.

Which Airlines fly from USA to Chennai

A number of national and international airlines are flying from USA to Chennai. USA to Chennai is a long distance flight and the possibilities of a nonstop flight are less. However, keeping in mind the increasing number of passengers, a few airlines do provide us the option of nonstop flight. A few of reliable airlines do fly from USA to Chennai:

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