Cheap Flights to Asia

Why Fly to Asia?

Being the world’s largest continent, Asia is a land of extreme contrasts in all ways. It is the land of promise; a promise of the future of the global economy; a promise of radical global politics; a promise of conserving age-old traditions. The history of Asia goes back thousands of years when most of the earliest Civilization like Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley and the Yellow River developed along the coastal region or on the fertile bank of rivers. Since then, the continent has seen clamorous upheavals between various ethnic groups and races, the birth of new religions, and spiritual concepts, life-changing social reformations and making ways for modern technologies to change how the people of the continent live today.

Physically, Asia is divided into five major regions- a mountain range, plateaus, plains, steppes, and deserts. Every region impresses with diverse demography, exotic cultures, and natural wonders. The climate displays its vivid colours at different parts of the continent. The northern part of Asia, i.e. Siberia, is too cold to visit during winter, but in the summer the land becomes snow-free with the bluer and clearer sky. The southern part of Asia is best enjoyed during winter when the weather is mild and pleasant. The Middle East is significantly warm throughout the year.

The Asian countries are also culturally vibrant and display age-old traditions in their festivals. The Chinese New Year is one of those festivals, which is celebrated with much enthusiasm beyond the borders. One of the most celebrated festivals is Holi, which has become popular beyond the boundary of Asia. Along with cultural practices, Asia is teeming with modern cities like Singapore, Dubai, and Shanghai, where one can find cutting-edge facilities and civic amenities and breathtaking tourist attractions.

Below are some points on why you must visit Asia:

  • To remain a testimony to diverse terrains and landscapes
  • Experience the vibrancy of old traditions and modern civic amenities
  • The Asian countries boast of world-famous air carriers which are connecting breathtaking tourist sited to the rest of the world