Cheap Flights to Europe

Why Fly to Europe?

Comprising 47 countries, Europe is one of the remarkable continents in the world. History of Europe dates back to thousands of years when settlers from Spain, or Portugal, or Greece spread and built empires across the world. Over the centuries the continent has made tremendous progress in the field of science, arts, and technology.

From the beginning of the Renaissance in the 14th century to the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the continent has gone through many ups and downs to develop into the most urbanized region of the world. This has driven the continent to build some of the most famous cities of the world, redefining the longing of wanderlust travelers. From trendsetting Paris in global fashion to the design capital of the world, Milan; from the cradle of the Greek empire, Rome to the modern and vibrant life of London, Europe has everything to serve on your plate. The climate of the continent varies from north to south. In the south, along the Mediterranean sea, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and parts of France observe long summer and short, mild winters. The northern part of Europe observes cool summer and freezing winter.

Culturally the continent is very rich, which is evident in many of its festivals, art exhibitions, world-renowned museums, and architectures. Oktoberfest in Germany, Cannes Film Festival, and the Carnival of Venice are some of the most noted festivals in Europe. Among the museums, where you can keep testimony to famous artworks of European painters and sculptors, there are Louvre Museum in Paris, the British Museum in London and the Vatican Museum in Vatican City. To make way for the globe-trotters, the European countries are well connected via rail, air, and road to the rest of the world.

Below are some reasons why you should visit Europe:

  • Most developed and urbanized part of the world
  • Europe offers breathtaking man-made attractions in the field of arts and technology
  • All the European countries are well connected with each other