Why Fly to Oceania

Oceania is the smallest continent on the planet, considering the landmass share. It is a group of various countries and islands including Australia which blessed with the jaw-dropping scenic beauty of New Zealand, wide range of ecological and forest diversity of Australia and the preserved ancient civilization of Papua New Guinea as well as several other natural wonders of the world which attract the hordes of tourists from across the world. The continent is endowed with enormous natural beauty, modern and high-tech metropolitan cities and timeworn colonial cultural heritage which makes it a perfect spot for endless tourist activities. Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu National Park, Sydney Opera House, Uluru in Australia, reef-lined beaches of Fiji and Vanuatu are popular tourist destinations of Oceania.

The climate of Oceania has the same projection round the year with little variation from tropical to subtropical. Interestingly Oceania has followed the inverted pattern of climate compare to the rest of the world due to its location in the southern hemisphere for instance; If you are travelling to Oceania in December and expecting winter cold, on the contrary, you will find there warm as summer. The inverted climate pattern of the continent is an important reason to render down tourists, especially from the north in an attempt to escape from spine- chilling winter in the region.

If you love to explore nature, lounging on sandy beaches and enthusiastic about traditional events, music, cuisine and celebrations then Oceania is a must-go place for you. The continent is beautifully dispersed with sun-kissed beaches, rich flora, diverse fauna, and now, artistically and intricately designed human-made structures. Australia is globally known for its natural wonders, colourful beaches, and variety of adventurous activities designed to lure tourists from across the world. New Zealand is admired for its fine wine, its adventure, and wildlife. The colorful history and culture of Fiji have remarkable memories. Samoa is a beautiful country blessed with a unique culture and exquisite cuisine.

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