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Austrian Airlines is the leading carrier operator in Austria and is a subsidiary company of Lufthansa Group which in fact is the largest Airline group in Europe. The Austrian Airline is headquartered at Schwechat. Its armada size is 69 which travels to 130 destinations in 55+ countries. Being a partner of Star Alliance and the standards it has set for itself, Austrian Airlines is always committed to the High quality and comfort of its passengers. The Austrian Airlines Group is a future oriented and modern company that combines both history and innovation, you can see this aspect vividly in the armada of Austrian airlines comprising the best and most formidable airplanes. The entertainment section of the airlines is onboard with the latest blockbusters, Asian dramas, cultural movies, music, and interacting games. Plus, there is a variety of E-Journals available on board along with German and International newspapers and magazines.

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Q. How do I find the lowest Austrian Airlines Fare?

Ans. The best way is to come to our website firstflytravel. What we do is we provide lucrative flight deals and the best possible cheapest fare available to our clients. Our website houses several national and international tie-ups, allowing us to offer you the best Cheap Austrian Airlines Flight tickets. Otherwise, avail free subscription to Austrian airlines which from time to time notifies you of any ticket price change or any upcoming offer, or subscribe to the loyalty program of the airlines.

Q. What are the benefits of the Austrian Airlines program?

Ans. Miles & More is the loyalty program offered by Austrian airlines. Program rewards include special airport privileges, cash awards to redeem Austrian Airlines flight tickets or upgrades, and non-cash awards.

Q. I want to take my pet with me on my flight. What does that entail?

Ans. Austrian Airlines pet policy allows you to carry up to 2 healthy pets, they may be carried in an approved container or in a cargo hold depending on the country’s regulations you are going to and pet size. The pets must be at least 12 years old and must be acclimatized to new surroundings and people.

Q. Can I get a refund for the reservation that I just made?

Ans. Austrian Airlines refund policy says flight ticket cancellation or rebook depends on the fare type you have booked. On short-haul flights, economy flex and business flex fare types are refundable whereas, on long-haul flights, the economy basic, the economy flex, premium economy flex, premium economy basic plus (for a fee), and business flex fare types are refundable. To cancel your online booking, you need to contact their customer care. Austrian Airlines provides a 24-hour cancellation policy in which passengers can cancel as early as 24 hours from the hour of booking, though some charges are still applicable. For a complete refund, the cancellation was to be made a week or more before the departure date.

Q. Who do I contact if I have a claim for travel insurance?

Ans. Aegean Airlines' travel insurance provider partners are AIG and AXA. The insured person must be residing in the European Economic Area and the insurance is valid worldwide. You can contact Aegean airlines customer care at +1 800843 0002 or +43 1 70148 1000 or its management at +1 516296 9650. Also, you can visit the insurance partner website which is