About Cathay Pacific Cancellation And Refund Policy

We all know that sometimes how stressful a flight cancellation gets. Even so, Cathay Pacific cancellation policy makes it easy for you with its passenger-friendly clauses and other advantages. Cancellation can happen for many reasons. Flight cancellations can not only be costly but confusing as well. There are two ways to cancel a Cathay Pacific flight: voluntary and involuntary. Any cancellation initiated by the passengers is said to be voluntary while if Cathay Pacific cancels the ticket then it is counted as an involuntary cancellation.

Frequent Asked Questions

How Do I Cancel My Cathay Pacific Flight Online?

Go to www.cathaypacific.com click on "manage," then click on "manage your booking," enter all the required information, then click on "find my booking," and follow the instruction to cancel the ticket.

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