Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cathay Pacific Cancellation And Refund Policy

We all know that sometimes how stressful a flight cancellation gets. Even so, Cathay Pacific cancellation policy makes it easy for you with its passenger-friendly clauses and other advantages. Cancellation can happen for many reasons. Flight cancellations can not only be costly but confusing as well. There are two ways to cancel a Cathay Pacific flight: voluntary and involuntary. Any cancellation initiated by the passengers is said to be voluntary while if Cathay Pacific cancels the ticket then it is counted as an involuntary cancellation.

A Quick Guide On Cathay Pacific Cancellation And Refund Policy:

Cathay Pacific cancellation fee will always remain 150 USD, regardless of the type of the ticket. If the passenger has opted for a refundable fare, after the deduction of 150 USD as cancellation charges for Cathay Pacific, the remaining fare balance is refunded. Cathay Pacific flight cancellation fee does not apply to non-refundable fares as the whole ticket amount would be renounced. Hence, passengers are not entitled to any refund.

Cathay Pacific Airways has a simple and hassle-free cancellation policy. The 24 hour Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy, which is completely passenger-friendly. If a passenger cancels a flight within 24 hours of booking, then the passengers will be exempted of any cancellation charges. In this case, the airline authority will charge cancellation fees in these two following ways:

  • You will be charged $150.00 for the unused tickets.
  • You will be charged $150.00 for the partially used ticket.

Steps to Cancel Cathay Pacific Flight Booking:

Cathay Pacific Flight Delay and Cancellation Compensation Policy:

Delayed Flights Compensation Policy

Any passenger who has booked a flight with Cathay Pacific is authorised to get compensation if the flight is delayed for 3 or more hours. Such as :

Cancelled Flights Compensation Policy

If Cathay Pacific cancels a flight and passengers were not informed regarding that within 14 days of departure, they are qualified under Cathay Pacific cancel flight refund policy for the whole ticket amount.

Overbooked Flights Compensation Policy

Cathay Pacific cancellation sometimes may occur due to overbooked flights when they sell more tickets than seats are available onboard. As a result, passengers are denied boarding. In such cases, the airline would arrange any alternate flight for the pretentious travellers. If the nex flight is available after three hours, then the passenger can claim the compensation of 675 USD in case they opt out to travel on the alternate flight in addition to the airfare refund.

Cathay Pacific Tickets Hold Policy

If you like what you see, you can hold the exact same fare and flight till the purchase, as the Cathay Pacific Tickets Hold Policy allows you to hold up for 72 hours and if you complete your payment during this period, there’s no change.