About Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines is the flag carrier of Greece, headquartered in Kifissia, Athens. It is the largest Greek carrier by total number of passengers carried and is also a Star Alliance member. The fleet size of Aegean Airlines is 61. It flies to 153 destinations on a daily basis. The Airline gets a 4-star Covid-19 Airline Safety Rating from Skytrax. Its main hubs are Athens International Airport in Athens, Macedonia International Airport in Thessaloniki, and Larnaka International Airport in Cyprus. The products and services are highly rated and give a profound experience both at the airport and in the sky. For instance, the hangar areas at the airports of Aegean work way more efficiently to roll out or in aircrafts especially during the peak season.

Pregnant When Flying:

If you are pregnant, Aegean Airlines requires you to obtain a medical note from your physician before flying. A single child-bearing mother without complications can fly up to the 32nd week. Women with complications can fly up to their 32nd week but must submit a medical note. Beyond the 36th or 38th week, Aegean Airlines won’t allow flying when pregnant.

Aegean Airlines Infant Policy (under 2 years or Children):

If you are bringing an infant, he/she can sit on the accompanied passenger's lap; however, if you bring another one, you need to purchase a separate seat for him/her along with a child car seat which is FAA approved. 2 infants are allowed per passenger. Babies who are aged less than 8 days can not fly with Aegean airlines. Only in emergencies babies aged less than 8 days are allowed to fly with a medical note.

Aegean Airlines Child Fare:

Infants will be charged 10% of the adult fare if they share a seat with an adult. It is necessary for the adult carrying the child to be at least 18 years old. Infants and children occupying a full seat will be charged discounted fares. The usual rate is 75%.

Aegean Airlines Child Seating Policy:

A single infant can sit on your lap, but if you have another, you must purchase an extra seat and a bassinet according to FAA regulations.

Aegean Airlines Child Meal Policy:

It offers nutritious and chewable food free of species for children and infants. Foods are chopped and mashed in the meal items.

Aegean Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Services:

It does not accept unaccompanied minors aged 4 or under. Travelers from 5 to 14 age traveling alone are considered unaccompanied minors. Aegean Airlines Reservations department can assist you in arranging an escort for your child when booking a child fare ticket online. The name, address, and telephone number of the person accompanying the child to the departure airport and the person picking up the child at the arrival airport are required.

Frequent Asked Questions

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